Hey Mike the wolf... Truman Democrats are German shit... dog eat dog


Good  to see you back home German Chris at 10397 W Landmark Ct off the street  7:40 am MST Friday big fish to fry day Jan 12 2018... Bieter Spanish wolf brotherhood corrupt city government  trash party ass protection racket time... hey Bishop for Obama mother Trump called her a whore

I phoned

As a neighborhood watch person I telephoned  BPD approx 9:20 pm MST Jan 14 2018 concerning Chris and associates timing by racing vehicles in and out of his driveway each time I stepped out of my residence front door


Hey motor mouth with the cute little box hair cut down there off the floor... sweet


Albertson manager's special needs... Ustick it... the governor  was seen there dressed in weird pussy leopard skin tights showing off his ass... get am Uber application at the pharmacy counter... Moon's ass hangs out at at the kitchen in a purple  gang outfit...


Video for ring neck pheasant youtube


We got real  beautiful cock birds... don't shoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Video for 4 wounded in drive-by shooting outside dance studio in Humboldt Park youtube


"Dancing With Wolves" at the Legacy dance studio... teaching the birds of paradise exotic street moves


Image result for Niles West High School Welcomes First-Ever Service Dog


Service dog


Video for The clock is ticking for a deal to avoid a government shutdown


Chuck attracts Mexican shit (illegal immi'grants)


Video for First Man  youtube


Holy War Time


Video for purple gang youtube


Video for peggy notebaert of art museum birds of paradise youtube


Birds of Paradise... learn the colorful sexy moves exhiited



Lime Green Mustang carjack abc7 Cghicago



Cerberus Capital Management... holy NYC shit


San Francisco


Video for san francisco hobo shoes song youtube


Mark Lindsay tracking back to Scottsdale Arizona... Lil Cocoanut


Video for 14 Humboldt Park elementary students hospitalized after possibly eating laced candy youtube


Candy ass news


Video for Feds plant two secret informants in U of I murder case youtube


Wired for sight and sound


Video for three Degrees - When Will I See You Again (1974) HQ 0815007 youtube


Dead end?



Crazy Blue Hawaii underground ... but love the sweet King's ass rolls... time shared


King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls - 32 count


Video for ken eto chicago outfit youtubeVideo for amtrak tacoma crash youtube


Paying off pig ass cops like Asian Ken Eto shit... Tacoma toot toot... heard a bang... ..."we're on the ground"



Video for Saturday night live john belushi youtubeVideo for black mafia youtube

Paint it black mafia power



She was hot


Video for Honda Pilot youtube


Do her in here on the road


Video for new england mafia youtube


The wine and cheese framed guys by the FBI


Crazy Saturday's Jehovah with a white Audi... I'll have a hot fudge Sunday


Video for Magnolia North Carolina youtubeVideo for Drug bust yields 78 bricks of heroin, cocaine and guns in North  youtube


Grilled pig pork chop... Magnolia 23  NC diversion



Image result for in u.s.; cartel turf is everywhere


Town of Magnolia  invaded by Hispanic cartel foot soldiers... corrupt public work contracts as in Sicily?


Video for eric clapton cocaine youtube


Targeting illegal


Video for FBI brass pipeline from New Orleans to Chicago youtube


Top brass for a piece of ass... blackout


FBI top brass transfer to Chicago... paint it black family secrets... load and jazz it up with internet explorer browser... every time we visit Chicago there is always some wild ass shit going on


Video for ard Snowden Full Interview on Trump, Petraeus, & Having 'No Regrets' youtube


"The Eye Of The Wolf"


Video for bruce springsteen born in the usa youtubeVideo for michelin tire factory  milltown


Milltown Michelin bitch


Pop... love the French connection drama we remember... electric light management... 10369 is yell0w man shit... blow it out your tuba Cuba in a Spanish American war with police criminals/time a race horse Cheryl... "they're so big and muscular"/the roaring ragged rip (Chicago typewriter) sold at hardware stores


Image result for Thompson submachine gun images



Poppy Jensens Texaco memories of Milltown Facebook... he moved to 69 Clay Street in a Michelinman house boxed in like a sloppy pig condemned



Image result for Newly uncovered film clip shows construction of State Street subway


State Street CTA mob underground connection... you  mean corrupt cops and German/Spanish wolf



"Middle class miracle"


Example of a corrupt President to the state on down to Boise City  with the PD  and its secret arm a threat to people


A vote for Clinton was a vote for the hijacking of America and a culture of Mexican/Spanish sickos corruption


This is supposed to be government of the people... not people of the government... learn how to drive safely "here come the people" is ass backwards... "Chicago Chicago it's my kind of town"/"Luck be a lady"... watch your Spanish wolf manners


Mission: track back to the Harry S Truman / James V Forrestal era to the French Connection leaving no stone unturned to present also involving fixed elections and bad cops and CIA/NSA... police criminals and their big government stage act in light of George W. Bush diagnosed a paranoid megalomaniac by Dr. Frank ... and Bill Clinton disbarred for lying by the U. S. Supreme Court


Video for The TOP SECRET Kennedy Forrestal UFO Connection  youtube


"Connect the dot"...


Video for rossen reports gun trafficking


Spanish wolf like a Mexican Rio Rico bandit


Cars and coffee  car show... reckless entertainment

Called Ada County/Boise PD 7:56 pm September 19 2017 complaining about PD siren and arrival of Mike's red Ford F150 truck at 10391 W Landmark  Court Boise in the matter  of their timing modus operandi with their malicious surveillance of 10398  W Landmark reside





Hungary for ovarian pig info... spread... get past the barn door smell you got it licked everywhere


Pancakes on the McDonalds menu


Dirty woman cuts up body parts


Video for French Connection Disconnected  youtube


How are you French pig ass cop?... connection from NYC thru New Brunswick to Trenton/Philadelphia  freedom


Never trust a cop... they suck like a mafia Don... they work with parallels to the same corrupt city


black and white... everybody knows Boise and Chicago police criminals... connection to rebel Clinton scenario in inner cities... anti-gun agenda... malicious siren harassment 12:45 am September 12 2017 reported to the mayor Bieter brotherhood... it takes a village... out in the back racking 8:30 am same day causes police criminal sirens to time again trading on fear and intimidation of Boise City


Video for Mexico earthquake, biggest in country's history, hits off Chiapas; 15 killed youtube


Mexico  power craps out... holy shit act of god... Jose on Irma's heels double trouble


New York City was built on an illegal immigration foundation... it sucks like the Irish/German/Spanish derivative mafia esto perpetua


Video for doca immigration youtube


Good bye Spanish fly... its a blow out


"'Stop! I've done nothing wrong': Utah nurse arrested after refusing blood test on unconscious patient"... the pig cop was from Idaho holy shit putting a stain on the department of Interior... hey Mike... you in the red Ford truck boxed in... the McDonalds manager has a black outfit well reeived


Incident report Sunday September 3 2017 12:30 am MST about 10369 W Landmark alarm by Mexican trailer park and timed vehicle coming down this street... no peace with reported police criminals and their brotherhood ploys... Democrat pig poppy euro socialist


What's your business?... clue: hungry for information


Put some police criminals and Greylord brotherhood behind bars to do time


Vote Democrat without fixing elections like Sam for JFK... we had a change of heart.. they just need to stop invading privacy so much


Compromised Clinton & Bush CIA... want some wild air?... make a big stink... they know when you're taking a shit by using advanced broad-base spy power


Watch out for the wild Jackson redline robbers... Harrison's Hope says "I'll give a little toot"


Image result for Raritan River railroad washington Avenue Milltown image


The old German Kuhlthau barns and coal and oil business across the street breed too many wild cats that killed beautiful colorful cock birds... "like an old mafia cold boss"


"Ill give a litle toot"  said killer Democrap  Harrison's Hope of Meridian Idaho... targeting a  uswolfwatcher  once watching a railroader on Washington Avenue Milltown New Jersey


Image result for schwendemans taxidermy milltown images


Wal-mart got filthy rich selling cheap shit... Clinton headquarters in Arkansas


We remember Schwendeman's taxidermy Milltown New Jersey



We remember that one got his head caught in a bottle and we popped it off with a rock on Hungry Hill (Washington Avenue)



Gerry & The Pacemakers - You'll Never Walk Alone


Golden Lion previously Findon's  Bar... for great fish sandwiches on Friday we remember 23 S Main Milltown New Jersey... something smells good here



Reel Foods Fish Market 611 S Capitol Blvd, Boise, ID


Video for pocono raceway sunday august 20 2017 youtube


Indy 500 Pocono... there's a lot of race power here/crossed hands


"They don't like you because you're always complING"


Favorite President is Ronald Reagan... always smiled with a good sense of humor... What Lincoln Foresaw:
Corporations Being “Enthroned” After the Civil War
and Re-Writing the Laws Defining Their Existence


When corruption is King drive carjacking... hey Paul from Chicago liberal society of friends



Condem Mormon racists against black people


Game time fights


Video for Trump pushes out controversial aide Steve Bannon youtube


Trump is not a white supremacist... it appears that Spanish wolf is bad like CNN phony news


Video for Chicago Air and Water Show stars prepare for performance youtube


Want some gang land air time?/C130 Eat Lady with a Spanish wolf source


Look at color not black and white...



Cood morning poppy... you too McDonalds


Video for 5 dead, 22 wounded in weekend shootings across Chicago youtube


The king of pop/ABC fund raising drag  race



Go to hell white and yellow nationalists... hey Monroe poppy


Video for


"Walk softly but carry a big stick"


As a matter of opinion it appears that CNN is into Spanish whore and dope ass...


Image result for Midway WWII


Remember the battle of Midway/and 761 W All Black Race Time



Corrupt cops set precedent from the days of Al Capone


Black people and mormonism


Cartagena Colombia  Chica... look at color... want some CNN air time?


Image result for chicago connection truck image


Chica-go to Boise Id connection



Official seal of Cartagena


Dania Suarez in hiding.... where?.... put some lines on a reserved table at Casa Mexico... suck it up... if it felt good you did it


Go to McDonalds and ask for a good looking girl's ass/Chicago should not be allowed to be a sanctuary for illegal immigrants... Spanish prostitution chica fly


Image result for yellow boss 302 mustang image



Bring a Spanish fly swatter to McDonalds... super bad DNSA... it gave Clinton a heart attack


On the radio... "everywhere is their turf... the Mexican cartel"... front


Ford needs to beat Takumi GTR spirit

holds its value  better than Nissan


Beware of Chris the German and Mike of 10391 W Landmark partners in a timing protection racket trading on fear and intimidation... Chris gave a little toot for budget like blue Dem Harrison Hope... Budget responded with its air horn by Saint Als assistant street front... derived from a southern Italy pig farm racket


Chris the German... fix the irrigation pipe in your back yard which precipitated flooding and backing up onto your neighbor's property... the irrigation district shut off the flow of water on account of it... by the way tell your nother to read the driver manual concerning backing her black vehicle  out into the street respecting anyone behind it... you had to tell her yesterday July 26 2017 to watch out... the Christian Democrat party modus operandi  is a protection racket trading on fear and intimidation


The  pig slang is derived from southern Italy  corrupt Roman Catholic government controlled by Ndrangheta... hey poppy


Battle the railroaders


A-620am_July 25_2017 in the matter of Boise Police Criminals liars reportedly for the Don and Roman Catholic Bieter brotherhood and Mormon mafia... want some air time?... this is a crazy Casa Mexico block... "how many do yo" want?'


He moves to the German and Irish and Spanish wolf state with corrupt cops... "I'd like to turn back in and land"... lean and mean into it/a lady bike instructor said "lean into it"


Bad dog on the loose July 25 2017 leaning into the scent  tracking  bsck to Mike's bad dog house at 10391


Image result for flat tire beer image


Video for driver killed on lake shore drive cbs2 chicago


Video for indy 500 youtube 2017


Best Safety Cell

Join People Power - ACLU's Grassroots Volunteer Resistance Movement


Charles Manson shine the light pig update... the Mexican underground mafia needs too go bye bye


Sweet Spanish wolf... Medellín CNN ass/nose candy girl



Not so sweet Mexican black Grand Jeep Cherokee ass with a hot seat... piss on it... the Mexican isn't a friend privacy... so  keep out... posted in the matter of police criminals behind it esto perpetua... the torch has passed



115am July23 2017


Red light headache


What was Angie doing in there?... eye witness poppy news/oops ABC7 Chicago Family Secrets


Spanish gang related ass... timed vehicle and driver comes and steps out to target and annoy July 16 2017 1230 pm MST prearranged Asian Isuzu... everybody knows the Democrat party is an annoying ass


Video for muhammad ali youtubeVideo for 2017 nissan gtr youtube





Dance like a butterfly stung like a bee... ropa dopa... not off telephone pole. boxed in.. donate to the Parkinson's Foundation


Hey Nissan Gigolos... Showtime... better keep some Aleve by your side... rest in peace


Dancing with wolves


Garden City Asian Mexican stink like an otter box... on the way to Nampa Caldwell on down to Spanish wolf sheepherder country around Reno... black Sam likes to eat cucumbers... ride em cocaine cowboy



Cany Lady Foundation


Metzler & Burch for ying yang minority races are causing a problem in this theater... they suck bad air like in the Lincoln bedroom with the crew/ the wing is corrupt and works for the city... drink Arizona ice tea and work like an Elmwood German bee... paint it black Spanish fly on granite for old shaky Waco boots Janet



Image result for janet reno imageVideo for Arizona - Mark Lindsay youtube


Watch your step... "give me liberty or give me death"


Hey old timer Hank Atkinson in heaven... we remember Rosemary and your dog  named Surrey chasing bears and his Garden Valley truck down the dirt road... he was a good Roman Catholic behind Terrace Lake golf course... god bless in the name of the Father Son and Holy Ghost wherever


What would you like to do tonight... like make the Democrat government  eat their Clintonite party favors?


Democracy is a myth in light of Kennedy and/or Trump election meddling/fixing


Black Dark Star... Edwards Theater ../bye bye black bird sucked into a bureaucratic black hole

Paint it black and be cursed by Mormonism and its mafia/ Spanish flies


No peace with a Clinton Black Mafia connection that gets dope from Mexico Gulf and Pacific cartels that control the border and coast  without a wall due to Obanafia shit in government



Live life beautifully... we remember the best Capital Hill whore house with a Lincoln bedroom for ying yang party favors


The king of pig pop


Over reacting paranoid cop smells marijuana in traffic stop


Clinton is a role model for gang banging capital Pill Hill


When corruption is king, is uncle Sam anybody?

Play hardball]... dance to a Bourbon Street beat... steal all the bases and look at their beet red faces


How are you in light of government agency mind games you jack-booted thugs?: “Over the years we have been warned about the danger of subversive organizations that would threaten our liberties, subvert our system, would encourage its members to take further illegal action to advance their views, organizations that would incite and promote violence, pitting one American group against another.   There is an organization that does fit those descriptions, and it is the organization, the leadership of which has been most constant in its warning to us to be on guard against such harm.   The [FBI] did all of those things.” -Sen. Philip A. Hart, Select Committee on Intelligence Activities and the Rights of Americans, 1975


In the matter of commanding a spotlight on corrupt government law enforcement agencies in your garbage can and every thing to do with the odd couple Bush and Clinton... the New York City and Chicago connection... hey poppy/poppy derivative


Bad pop timing (pop & speed bump censored out of ABC7 Chicago underground)... what a mess... I'm so sorry/hookers in Moscow like Chicago with Colombia dope connections/South Cicero hot box/Lawndale... no peace in Chicago outfit banging all over the place like a Ken Eto hit... "they had beaten a black guy to death in the All Trax... what's the big deal?"


Video for Lawndale chicago youtube


Pop store... get a Martin Luther King black nafia granite headstone


Black Mafia/FBI drama/Black Russian... a very Populist Party drink


Video for Donald Trump Populist Party youtube


Very Popular Party


Image for the news resultVideo for pork chop hill youtube


Go Home/get out of the west wing and Lincoln bedroom ying yang and yellow man derivative racket shit from Italy


Video for Kamikaze Attacks - Pacific Theater, WWII youtube


Kamikaze Attacks - Pacific Theater, WWII/Special Attack Force


Video for mafia sicily youtube


Crazy Boroughs of Monarchy Queens Christian Democrat Party Heroin crisis/Rosario Gangi French Fuca Connection... you street Turkey ally of Russia


Fsto Perpetuaa... connection to the German/Irish/Mexican mafia cartel


Putin in Saint Pwtwesburg


Hey Sun-Up Time... Dem Russ (Cecil Andrus goon connected to the Carter/Gambino mob)...  "don't give up" clue advanced lock and key ... keep your black Sam ying yang dog from running around in other peoples' yards... see that big rock in the front yard across the street?... Dem Harrison's hope said "I'll (meaning Harrison's Hope) give you a little toot"...  re: narcissistic loony tune... you're going to love Clinton for the party favors... politics vs. religion for example but not strictly limited to cult members of Roman Catholic Jehovah witness and Mormon religious rackets involving trespassers and rakers/spies... eat a black/brown sugar dish pig... doggone gangster on the loose shit.../here Sam go fetch a Fulton Street fish catch.../black mafia im the circuit loop maintaining continuity with dog poop... A Putnam BPD Saint Als assistant... you hear those Clintonite prop planes overhead maybe loaded with cocaine?... you're going to love Clinton's party favor pleasure


Yo Jap... Ken Tokyo Joe Eto


Have a few brown beers


Ustick it Cali-Don



Get a black granite headstone ahead of time


Push back the aggressive annoying liberal cororate media king


Clinton Fish & Game Club


Hello Clinton... my kind of Milltown better than an Arkansas rebel in New York City... CCF can't handle views different than their own... it's a New York menace built on an illegal immigrant foundation


Image result for ken lockwood gorge images


Fly fishing is king... on the trail/a Hoffman don't like bad cops... Humter-don county... we remember and love you



Mountainville... Tewksbury County NJ... Rockaway Creek German Brown Trout caught right after WWII by a fishing friend


French Connection... untouchable public corruption...


Former CIA Director George H. W. Bush motorcade seen going under Boise City Hall to  park and visit mayor Dirk Kempthorne in light of Mena Connection to Clinton... the odd couple... a friend of a friend of the enemy... do you think that you're being wathed?


Making gang land proud... on the Kennedy


Mexican gang shit


FBI connections on the street to gang land off the radar... secretive corrupt public work contracts


Political scandal when corruption is still king



It's a Bear


Great Bear hiker vanishes in gods country... pray for her/Saint Lukes/up up and away... found alive hooray


Gar-jack Challenger


60 Minutes... bad Mexican hombres time... eat it





Monroe counseling available


"You're walking the plank for what?... the US Senate will not allow Trump Care repealing Obama Care... Jaws is waiting... eat it


FBI free passs given out


"He's a pretty smart cookie"


May Day threat of illegal immigrants labor racketeering by and through the EU/Holocaust we remember the  German mafia and Chicago Outfit now a more diverse and sophisticated team


"There will be no wall"


Trump says "the democrats are obstructionists"...  like the Spanish derivative mayor


Mena Arkansas bad news like Clinton/family?


Crazy police we remember setting precedent


Illegal immigrants thrive with the Trump wall off the table and police criminals on their side


Drama... pop the campaign (oops champagne)?... in her you know what excited!


DuPage Ill. Army Trail and County Farm team


The frame of mind of Obama young people


Hello France... bury me in Elmwood when the time comes


Russian covert operative?/qrid lock lights out timing/weeping angel


WHEATON, Ill. .. love god get hammered by soldiers/too close to call


"Hey bud you do that to me I'll knock you flat"


"If they want you they'll get you in time"/Populist election timing in France?


We're no Democrats... we're just watching their corrupt government NYC a.. my pleasure mafia Fox like Gambino


Hello poppy-time liar.. "I did not have sexual relations with that woman Monica"/Tony Soprano derivative state pig farm shit to Idaho wit... New York City is built on an illegal immigration foundation far reaching... esto perpetua


"Too perfect"


Hang in there



Like big pussy time?... Rocka Fuca


The street of the rising sun/against the predictable new world order


You got the poppy look


Video for fred weiss new york youtube


"Nothing but secret service" with ties to the Kennedy mob


Want some Carrier Corporation air?


"Christ the Lord has risen today"... "but who is to guard the guards themselves? the liffordRoman juvenal asked over 2000 years ago"


SCHAUMBURG, Ill./terrorized by a crazy Mexican sickos/illegal alien


Clifford drive


Heart and soul drive/Rat pack


Covert Operative electronic warfare mind games to try to make you paranoid/Blue goose on the loose


Video for Goose chasing people - funny geese attack compilation  youtube


Going bonkers with honkers


Worshipping the gospel of the corporate gods with record gunfire


Vincent Palermo... Houston


Lying law enforcement officers called pigs... "it breaks my heart"



What an excited ordinance!


"Old fishermen never die they just smelt that way"


Big Fulton Fish Market alive and doing well... Moscow U of Idaho Gambino (hello new Brunswick) far reaching


Want some air pig?... Chicago connection


Nazi Bush... 911 mistep


Bad news in California


Goose Gander Rule... give me five... remember the Alamo invaded by bad  Mexico sicko.../esto perpetua Regio Calabria


Johnson & Johnson paint it black & red Permacel Tape & Ethicon Sutures time... Genovesee... God bless their  J & J Italian nurse Marion Previte.../Knockouts


Trump says "you have to take out their families"


"We know moral is in the toilet... we are behind the times" with the exception of more motorized bandits on the road gunning for justice... holy shit


Angelo Big Fish


Chicago south shore... "what is going on here" with a Democrat mayor and his brotherhood connected to Obama/Kennedys Chicago going back to the days of Alphonsus Capone setting precedent


"The president is a bigger fish"?... not in the Fulton Fish Market business


New York menace


Stuck im the middle of Mocoa Colombia... send search and rescue dogs food and medical supplies



Backed by systemmic police criminality... lose your job for doing a bad job... "they know how to work and manipulate the system" like the Genovese/Gambino crime families... you can't just walk onto J & J grounds and talk with the boss


Surveillance plot twist/Los Angeles Times


Raritan River Rd...  jump off the Highland Park bridge by New Brunswick and float on your back to the bay... I'll take fillet of fresh flounder not a McDonalds fast junkie food French connection fries and a quarter pounder with sweet coke... rather get drunk with Adolph Coors


McDonalds All American


Trump is a states' rights movement president that don't like unions that are subject to control by the mob


Moscow Gambino


The Republicans got eaten alive in the matter of health care


On the radio... down with euro mational                       socialism... the Irish German Spanish mafia u-boats...   past is past... eat USA destroyer depth charges Angela Merkel  and war debt to the UN


Trump don't like that Obama health care... hooked on a feeling high on believing  scare


Eat with a Michelin  guide book


Video for james forrestal youtube


Truman CIA... "they'll go after not only you... they'll go after your family"


The right to know... pig pork chop hill... Hungry Hill.. it's cruel to starve someone


Video for VATICAN AND ITALIAN MAFIA - PART 4/4 - BY VALDEMIR MOTA DE MENEZES  youtubeVideo for HMS Hood: The Mighty Hood Full Documentary  youtube


Texas Mexico cartel mafia border war... have a shit fit Mexico you pay for the wall





Image result for piper lance air image


Do it again you crazy Appleton I didn't see it... the Mexican Baja bandit... Micron stock trades on fear and intimidation



Dirty Obama  women make the world as screwed up as can be... stay inside... you stink like the plumber's unit... don't come on other people's property... Moscow is in the Gambino fold


Video for ms-13 los angeles youtube


MS-13 crazy LA land connected to Obama gangland of amnesty for his illegal immigrants


Video for ms-13 houston youtube


MS-13 Beast tTacker... Houston


Video for Michelin tire Ireland youtube

Michelin France black rubber... for more guinea Jew power... Jesus Christ almighty


Advanced Mormon trouble


Against the Mormon mafia out of New York... god dam black trench coat... thank you


Hi Trump International Hotel fire


How does top cop Jeff Sessions and the President election meddle?... lie lie lie time time time spy spy spy like Russia


Isue: Is there still a "Murder Inc By The Press"?


Westies Hell's Kitchen... stinks like Obama's Clinton pigs


Google map Milltown New Jersey... Milltown bridge Main and Ford


"The torch has pased"


Obama is a threat and so is the Bishop who voted for him


Obama poor capital care war... it's a killer... Ustick it... stalk stalk stalk time time time... Obama and Kennedy are connected to mob shit... humiliate and intimidate


i team "get out of jail free card" going back to the murder of Marylyn Monroe clue... Chicago Outfit


Trump is BS on fake news


Video for Waco Mormon youtube


Reno Democrat shit... fast and furious action again and again and again... they keep coming because corruption is still king


The genesis of indignation... Chris Christie has a New Jersey Roman Catholic pig farm... They killed Jesus Christ


Don't give me that pot shit


Amuse by dreaming about a wild ride


Border control


God bless the USA and not police criminals


Dakota's Last Stand


New York to Chicago to Boise municipal connection... "such a lovely man"... Jimmy Carter mob time corruption is still king...  Burch and Metzler Asian wing... here Mandarin Idaho power shit


Video for Chicopee Milltown

Chicago smells like Chicopee


Find the nice ass and let her rip


Video for michelin tire and rubber company milltown

Michelin Tire and Rubber Company... old Milltown smell of sweet burning rubber... don't give me no more annoying Chicopoo/pee shit blowing off D-Mass Dublin core steam


Dublin core rock


Video for michelin tire and rubber company old milltown youtube

Ford Avenue king


Video for michelin north america Inc youtube


Michelin is getting better... it doesn't stink like the A(ass)-1 plumber's unit bussiness


Video for chicago Al Capone kickapoo youtube

Waste of Time  10369 West Landmark Dem shit fried of a friend of the enemy that hijacked America... it's Illinois Obama and New York Clinton


Sweet capital flower shop clue


Kia T-bones black Volkswagen


Killer cartel connected cop example


Domestic violence complaints set a record against policeand their municipal corporation when corruption is still king setting precedent


from the state on down... get to illegal immigration the source of illegal guns and dope...

Valhalla corruption is still king in light of FBI election fixing shit... Reagan Democrap/corrupt public work contracts Killpatrick & Caldwell/"Build that wall"... thankyou Trump... no more Mexican garbage dump

"just as I told Russia to stop it"...

"think about what you're trying to do to me"

"From Russia With Love"?

Watchout for Russian malware

When corruption is still king

The Clinton Foundation modus operandi... can't seem to keep pants on

UPS and ABF suck like a Dem Hoffa mob racket

The FBI holds influence on who gets elected

No Latino cabinet makers/members for Trump... way to go without Castro

Police bias consensus plan

Stop police bias and violence setting precedent

Reagan platform  on democrat shit to Idaho wit

In the matter of corrupt local government whereby rackets are its normal modus operandi


''Video for The Downing Street Memos  youtube


10 Downing Street Memos... Chevron


The first day of the new congress... a big mess



Sick/Plumber's unit


White disabled people being targeted by black vehicle... McDonalds is in the loop and so is a sleep in censored out


Family connection...


 the Ford Avenue United Way... buy a Ford made in America... "nothing personal just business"


"Pass the bill in the House to appeal Obama care or lose your job as a member of Congress"


William J Auer, (732) 828-0008, 39 George St, Milltown, NJ | Nuwber

Name: William J Auer, Phone number: (732) 828-0008, State: NJ, City: Milltown, Zip Code: 08850 and more information.


Thanks for Italian pizza and bread


George Street New Brunswick ralroad connection to NYC French Democrat Pig Party connection... pick an Obama shit care plan at Johnson & Johnson 510 George Street... fast track poppy heroin plan a stones throw away... see Rosario Gangi/Fuca  Monorail racket...


"On February 17, 1998, Gangi, Genovese associate John Albert, and Gambino crime family soldier Vincent DiModica were indicted for extorting contractors and scheming to defraud the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which operates Newark International Airport. Gangi received kickbacks, disguised as consulting fees, from companies constructing the $350 million monorail network at the airport. On July 27, 1998, Gangi, Albert and DiModica, were convicted on the Newark Airport charges. On January 21, 1999, Gangi pleaded guilty to his involvement in the HealthTech case and was sentenced to a 97-month prison term.


Rosario Gangi: "His father, uncles and cousins were associated with the Bonanno and Genovese crime families. His uncle Angelo Prezzanzano was a capo in the Bonanno crime family and his cousin Frank Gangi Jr. and uncle Frank Gangi Sr. were both drug dealers. His cousin Pasquale Fuca, a nephew to Angelo, was involved in the French Connection drug smuggling ring. In August 1960, Rosario's paternal uncle Frank Sr. was murdered in a mob-related incident that involved Sicilian hit men being brought down from Montreal, Canada to kill Frank Tuminaro and Gangi Sr. It was suspected the murders were carried out by Genovese mobster Charles Gagliodotto, who in August 1969 was found strangled to death, supposedly by members of Tuminaro's family."




"Video for Steve Appleton blue goose youtubeVideo for lorde - Royals - Stevie Appleton (Loop Station Cover) youtubeTurning back in and land"?... Hells Kitchen... Clinton & Appleton shit  to Idaho wit


I'm giving you everything you ask for the wall"... "I have a dream" said MLK/The Black Mafia

oDuble Cross Trouble Time... the Spanish are retaliating due to a legal agenda to deport their  illegal undocumented people for which an illegal Obama Executive Order granted amnesty


Corrupt public work contracts... "watch your step"... beware of the Irish German Mexican Italian Mafia embedded in government with corrupt associates... Santa Monica... the new king election fixing and meddling by rogue double agents


Who gives  A 1  et als the right to time their target coming home?... police criminals... Sam's sugar time land... fruitie and tootie


Try Jackass Party campground... holy shit... "do it again I didn't see it" Chris


Try Jackass Party campground... holy shit/Make it up the Clearwater river and on down to Missoula Montana on the Clark Fork river... go to Andrus/Carter yellow man goon country putting a plantation stain on the U.S. Department of Interior... find gold at Orofino on the way up to Kelly Creek... blue ribbon no shitting by it


Video for Everything You Need to Know About Ejecting From a Fighter Jet youtube"Fire under your ass"

She was hot


Video for Thunderbirds Eject/Crash -- How It Happened youtubeSpanish wolf shit... jazz it up and blow it out your ying yang


Image result for Luke air force bulldog imagesPet Smart bull dog fart


Video for colombia gold youtubeVideo for colombia gold youtubeVideo for orofino gold youtubeVideo for kelly creek idaho youtubeVideo for clark fork river montana youtubeVideo for middle Fork of the Salmon River June 6-10, 2013 youtubeVideo for middle fork salmon river youtubeVideo for middle fork of salmon river youtubeVideo for Jet Boating Idaho youtubeVideo for snake river jet boats youtubeVideo for garden city jet boats youtubeVideo for beware of false prophets dressed in sheep clothes youtubeImage result for pear imagesVideo for McGuire sisters youtubeImage result for valerie young pearland texas imageVideo for estigation: US ATF Secretly Arming Mexican Drug Cartels (Mar 3, 2011 - CBS)Video for los zetas paramilitary us special forces youtubeVideo for Reputed mob boss trial begins youtubeVideo for enrico ponzo idaho youtubeVideo for Whitey Bulger Santa Monica youtubeVideo for Chrissie Hynde The Pretenders - Six Song Medley youtubeVideo for Sheriff’s deputy killed, others wounded in ColoradoImage result for hillary Clinton orange black imageVideo for cal-neva frank sinatra youtube

 Bad nature air


Video for Death before Dishonor, James Forrestal a American hero! [RIP]  youtubeVideo for james forrestal youtube



We think you're sick  like police criminals abc7 Chicago

Shit with the Liberal Society of Friends eating Quaker oatmeal and drinking Colombia cafe con  leche




























Video for district of columbia v. heller youtube Video for R Dean Taylor - Indiana Wants Me 1970  youtube Video for Can Your Mattress Protector Stand up to Sasquatch?  youtube
  Video for secret service prostitution scandal youtube


Video for german mauser youtube










Mexican Mafia shit to Idaho wit... yellow man ying yang wing black Sam ass cutting grass... no peace



Crazy Logan ass pizza connection attracts pig cops






.Video for jerry lewis dean martin youtubeVideo for Gary Lewis & The Playboys - Everybody Loves A Clown (+ little girl's  youtubeVideo for cal-neva youtubeVideo for Can Your Mattress Protector Stand up to Sasquatch?  youtubeVideo for Tony Spilotro | A Thirty Year History Of News Footage  youtubeVideo for Ken Tokyo Joe Eto youtube


Video for susan looks like I'm losing buckinghams youtubeVideo for Purple Mattress Sues Over These 4 Safety Questions And Uses  youtube




Video for bellagio hotel casino youtube




Rosario Gangi - Wikipedia




Manderin to A-1... watch your back... got a doggone gangster on the loose under the mayor... the minority bitch is back named Don... you pussy... want some thermal bounce?





Democrats for Monroe/Kennedy took family secrets to their grave... "we remember"... Sports betting on the horse races in email from Cheryl in New Jersey... she likes to watch the big and muscular horses because she's flatter than a right front tire blown out... Cheryl sends an Xmas 2016 card that sends a message to time thanks for the pictures Cheryl... say hello to Eric in... do you think that you're being watched Denmark... a suspicious vehicle on the move April 20 2017 at approx 4:15 am MST

 euro socialist pig timed in Monroe


Buffalo Club... time


Brunswick Grove Tavern


Video for 327 chevy youtube 327 (what a Chevy block f...inA on the NJ Turnpike) Milltown Rd East Brunswick New Jersey


On the south side


Video for Farrington Manor east Brunswick youtubeFarrington Manor 16 Patrick Street East Brunswick New Jersey... Big Fish Rosario Gangi  capo and soldier John Albert for Genovese and Johnson & Johnson Company... at issue: was there an eating place at this location in the 1960s and/or 70s that John Albert of North Brunswick visited?... John Albert  worked for the NYC Fulton Street Fish Market that was mob controlled... Rosario Gangi: "His father, uncles and cousins were associated with the Bonanno and Genovese crime families. His uncle Angelo Prezzanzano was a capo in the Bonanno crime family and his cousin Frank Gangi Jr. and uncle Frank Gangi Sr. were both drug dealers. His cousin Pasquale Fuca, a nephew to Angelo, was involved in the French Connection drug smuggling ring. In August 1960, Rosario's paternal uncle Frank Sr. was murdered in a mob-related incident that involved Sicilian hit men being brought down from Montreal, Canada to kill Frank Tuminaro and Gangi Sr. It was suspected the murders were carried out by Genovese mobster Charles Gagliodotto, who in August 1969 was found strangled to death, supposedly by members of Tuminaro's family."


Saint Alphonsus assistant and Serenity nephew shit tied to BPD criminals reportedly... the mayor's brotherhood racket... Tony Soprano "Big Pussy"


Genovese solder John Albert Obituary at Selover... go to hell with a French connection


Want some open air steak and salad euro socialist events?


"Get a taste for the high life"" again


Fat Lady pig's ass


Some place on the lake/pond may be closed


Lawrence Brook Mill... Milltown New Jersey






Bad Capital Care... Ustick it road like a national socialist worker... you're just a dog tag number fighting for Uncle Sam... the government railroads to death using guards and blindsides and boondoggles/Roman Catholic tyrfants fan the flames of tyranny


When corrupt Democrat government sets precedent as the new king's Prince... Black Sam (Wings) of Austin wars/

two nurses needed everywhere from Johnson & Johnson... hit the deck/Xmas war zone


CHS caused by marijuana


Roman Catholic Latino/Spanish derivative pig farm shit like orange county... the annoying Dem mayor and his mafia Don underground... ass one team


The shit hit the fan as in Berlin on the wall.../Reagan said  "tear down this wall"... down with mafia like torture tactics


"20 minutes from everything" including Trump


Trump fires his Attorney General Sally Yates... was she right or wrong as a matter of law?/the Washing pot state is hurting... it stinks like a Bishop


Thomas Hardiman for U.S. Supreme court Justice... He worked his way up from a blue collar job diving a taxi/oops "Louise judge" today... "here they come" from God's country Colorado/rocky mountain high/crash


Sitdown with Chicago Outfit and gang land leaders


The mayor and PD are sick/Pearl Cooper has better DNA... Happy 104th Birthday and early St Alphonsus Capone Valentines Day... more power to you/remember McChickapoo Chicago XXX rated family planning?... get a chopper from the A team and floral shop double cross with pig shit/the Milltown pond got polluted from a Chickopee fire/Strand XXX Theater New Brunswick NJ Genovese/Gambino Sicily vice


IRA... Spanish American War... Tenafly NJ Demo Blowback





Video for kenilworth chicago youtube


Watch out for Democrat intruders in your garage


It takes a village


Kenilworth Chicago (north African Asian... mob controlled DiLeonardi with corrupt cops) shore suburb) Illinois.../ "Footprints in the sand"


Judge won't unlock Valerie Percy murder file; says investigation is "active" after 50 years... is Cook County corruption still king?


Want some fresh air?


DiLeonardi  Chicago PD corruption secrets


No Nose DiFronzo


Mercy on Black Sam Wings... animals


There's no freedom with secret NSA corruption..  holy shit to Idaho wi


"Ready to finger underworld big shots"/"I used to love to bug the little bastard":... do you work here you annoying son of a bitch?


Was Marylyn Monroe's death  Murder by corrupt Kennedy Bay of Pigs government plot to kill Castro with help of Giancana?...clue: a liberal society of friends with a pig cops in it


Were the Russians on Trump's CIA covert operative pigs side?... go to the Ivory Coast and eat it


Video for Valerie Percy murder youtube


When corruption is king in light of secrecy and cover-ups


Valerie Percy case/police secrets blacked out/Liberal society of friends projector runner racket... the Chicago outfit... quack quack wet-backk/shakedown


"Remove DiLeonardi or we shut down the city"


Sam Giancana Chicago Outfit mob boss to 1966 with connections to CIA and JFK and Marylyn Monroe whose death remains a mystery involving CIA agents and Kennedy


Trump closely tied to Russia with Rex Tillerson for Sec of State


CIA FBI Mormon Mafia


JFK - The Speech That Killed Him/cover-up... Kennedy wasina a Chicago/Dallas Merchandize Mart commi-sympthizer... wow the customers with products made in China using cheap slave labor


Uncle Sam's Mafia Farm Team


Catch 22 Jimmy Hoffa


You need less police criminals


"It's obviously not going to happen in civil court"... with corrupt lawyers and judges... a Bishop who voted for Obama said to a neighbor "does your mother think she's from Hollywood"


In the shadows black blinding headlight December 12 2016  protection racket... we have to stop police criminals and their co-conspirators driving to maliciously harrass





Video for Turkey car bomb attack kills troops, authorities say youtube


Twin soccer  targets


Want some German AirWolf family secrets to blow out the  Asian commi-ying yang wing?


Video for Brazil soccer team plane crash in Medellin youtube


Brazil soccer team target


Video for Cocaine - The Snow Storm In The Jungle (1973)  youtube

White Gold Coast pleasure... "Little Chicago" on the edge of Tingo Maria


Want some German Airwolff?


The commi-Clinton Cartel Lincoln bedroom/take down the Clintons and Latino RICO sleaze... sign her contract (figure of speech)... wow the customers!


Video for Bolivia cocaine youtube


Eat it for a treat in La Paz McDonalds


"Be careful on the streets... where are you going?"

Trump Clinton an Arkansas cartel terrorist... the Clinton crime family (CCF) is terrible terrible


Trump family national security conflict of interest business/drain the swamps... Trump blows up Governor Chris Christie's lobbyist team


Rockford Ill Garfield wetback park... hear some quack quacks or honkers in the background/Paint it black arms charm


Chicago... the home of the President is a wild wetback sanctuary... quack quack


Movin on to get wetback shit out of America...stinkin wetback state county and city... a Latin banana republic is there... they stink like a front Hampton trailer court garbage can

it's so serious and took awhile to register boxed in

bloody Chicago


Build Trump cabinets not D-Berch ones/doggone Sam gangster on the loose for Clinton rebel shit


Eat it Clinton/yellow man/Holy shit... Forza Horizon 3 Race


Iran Contra diversion... in the matter ogf the commi-cartel White  House


Jay Z Clinton shit system/Hillary is sick/Ola Havana Cuba... blow it out your tuba





Firestorm by FBI against Clinton an Arkansas killer cartel  rebel bitch/Want some air time Chicago American to Miami?... paint it black with a charred rear end ... hot wings... cartel turf... everywhere is their battleground


George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Harold Ickes, and the Shadow Party/Soros stalkers... open liberal society of friends shit


If you want it darker to play the game... kill the Ndrangheta Roman Catholic flame/Operation Wetback background basis for retaliation since then/Carter Evans... deport illegal immigrants in mass and build awall... make Mexico pay... Latin America brings dope shitt using religion as a cover


Banana Republic RICO Dem Party Liberal Corporate Media Outfit block smooth transition flow of power to Trump  Republican CO power


The Lasater Clinton Bush drug cartel are far reaching to the Idaho governor and all his men... the CIA and FBI and Secret Service have a DNSA ass hole big enough to drive a convoy of twin screw lumber facade trucks up it... Texas Latino/German Bushie flies up to Cascade Id to meet with Kempthorne in the matter of appointing him to Sec of Interior... we know they like it that way... team party favors... it takes a hot Clinton village outfit/Watch your back... the racist cop pigs are out there/racist cop vehicle road rage



The mob and Harold Eckes/


It takes a corrupt Clinton village... Chicago


Arthur Coia and his union is straight out of 'The Godfather.' But how do you cast the lead role: Mafia-busting reformer? Or Cosa Nostra front man?



Bill & Arthur's Beautiful Friendship


A vote for Clinton is a vote to destroy America with her corruption... block her banana republic racket/Latin America illegal dope connections for CIA smuggling and distribution and party favors


Governor Chris Christie Fat Boy Block/CIA Murder for hire talk/Clandestine services


"Crooked Hillary is crooked"... she sucks like the mayor's pigs (racketeering cops)



Image for the news result

Blame it on Harry Truman CIA agents... they'll go after you and your Dem Berch  Party Family



A-1 Russ DNSA Scottish Nordic German doggone gangster on the loose coming home time 10:15 am October 26 2016 MST... the Clinton Westies sleazy Arkansas crime family  has headquarters in Brooklyn



Roman Catholic Castro-villari connection... Esto Perpetua Latin-oh




Black Cadillac Carter /Andrus ID racket connection... JFK was reportedly whacked in Dallas because he used the mob to fix elections and then turned on it with the brotherhood


Gambinos Moscow Id on the edge of U of I connection to Lasater and Clinton twin otter



U of I pop pop with the Irish German mafia Gambino racket connection on the Moscow Id edge


Gov Otter  (R- Idaho) Roman Catholic tyranny... you stick it in bogus basin

Image result for hillary Clinton orange black image


A voice from nazi Germany


"a campaign like Clinton's that will incite violence"


Clinton's Buddy Bean friend cocaine hauling... Kansas City here I come with party favors  under a lumber facade


Buddy Bean Lumber Co truck


Image result for buddy bean lumber truck

Buddy Bean twin screw


Make a pile of narcissistic LooneyTune party favors


Mena Coverup - Bill & Hillary Clinton's Arkansas Cocaine Operation Exposé


Arkansas ELM


Kansas City


Gambinos Wichita KS connection


Jon Burge type killer police/pig shit/record pig shit

Ola Havana Cuba... blow it out your tuba... Holy shit to Idaho wit... 15th District ... Metzler & Berch for Clinton DNSA pop shit in the White House... A Dem Rite Aid annoying manager had his Obama Campaign sticker turned upside down in his Fuji Heavy Industry Subaru clue... a Boise cab driver said "the BPD are gonna box you in... if anything happens we know where to look because the trunk is big enough"... shit on Cook County City Hall seat setting precedent for the record noted... liberal society of friends are like killer Mormon racist pig cops under former  mayor Brent Coles holy Sweet and Gilbert shit to Idaho wit... Jesus Christ was murdered by Roman Catholic Saint Alphonsus assistant liberal society of friends shit... clue:  watch your back figure of speech comes from WFD typed notes on Gilbert  and Sweet Intermountain Outdoor Sports store FBI following customer in there... owned by Sweet ultra radical republican shit connected to Arizona Rio Rico ATF and Eric Holder sharpening the so-called wolves teeth and adding number  to its claw... ref: Senate hearing and Gerry Spence in U. S. v.  Weaver case slamming the FBI special operation forces and ATF out of SLC... the CIA FBI and Mormon mafia... PD racist game shit


Black shades... Mormon mafia shit/Howard Hughes Murder Inc by the press connection...  the Democrat party should have been destroyed permanently so that it didn't grow back in the matters of operations Greylord Gambling Attorney and Family Secrets


Christian Democrat Party of Italy connection... Luciano Murano blown out glass clue... want some air?...  Wing it to the cop pigs with hands